How to date a Mexican girl?
Mistakes guys make

Mexican girls are some of the most beautiful in the world – they look absolutely stunning and take great pride in their appearance. Just look at some of the drop dead gorgeous film, TV and music stars we have who are Mexican or have Mexican – Salma Hayek, Thalia, Aracely Arambula and Eva Longoria. Dating a beautiful Mexican girl could be every man’s dreams but mistakes are often made which mean that actually getting anywhere can prove difficult. To help, we have created a list of 5 top mistakes to avoid when dating a Mexican girl:

1. Take advantage of submissive behavior

In Mexican culture, women are supposed to be extremely respectful of men and more submissive than we would expect in western countries. Mexican girls are taught this mantra from an early age therefore if you date one, you may see this submissive and respectful behavior. Some western men make the mistake of taking advantage of this and basically treating their date like dirt – just because a Mexican girl has been brought up in a certain way, it does not give you the right to abuse this fact!

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2. Allow her to make the first move

If you haven’t noticed, Mexican women are generally outgoing and a little flirtatious. They are happy, confident and like to laugh and have fun. Some men can mistake these signs and personality traits to mean that the Mexican woman will automatically make the first move and drive the relationship forward. Whilst they will indeed be engaging and confident, as with most women, they would still prefer that you make the first move and make an effort! Every woman wants to be romanced and wishes their man to make an effort and set the ball rolling – Mexican women are no different so don’t let their personality fool you!

3. Show a lack of ambition and drive

As mentioned above, Mexican women are taught to be hugely respectful of men – they expect men to be ambitious and want to be successful and have the ability to provide. If a Mexican woman has come from a poorer upbringing in a less developed area of the country, this will be even more important – they will expect you to work, take care of yourself and take pride in your job. They will also expect you to have ambition and some form of a career path in mind. If you are too laid back and lazy, this could turn the Mexican women off!

Tips of How to Date a Mexican Girl

4. Make no effort to learn Spanish

Mexican ladies are extremely proud of their national culture and heritage, more so than many western countries. They take great national pride and try to keep their traditions such as religion and language intact. Spanish is obviously the national language of Mexico, with English being a strong second. If you date a Mexican girl you should make an attempt to learn a little Spanish. If you show no willing or disregard her national language, she will be offended. Those who speak English as a primary language can often make the mistake of expecting everyone to speak English too – go the extra mile and show your Mexican beauty that you are willing to learn!

5. Want nothing more than a causal relationship or sex

It is a fact that Mexican girls will be much less likely to engage in meaningless sex or settle for just a casual relationship. This type of behavior may be more acceptable and commonplace in the States and other western countries but that is not the case in Mexico. People still expect commitment and meaningful connections. If you approach a Mexican girl simply for a one night stand, or a meaningless relationship, she will be less inclined to reciprocate.

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As you can see, you only have to make a few minor adjustments when dating a Mexican girl and you will have no issue at all (Unless you are a massive idiot – we can’t help you then sorry!). For further advice, you could consider watching some Mexican dating videos, or Interracial dating videos as they can provide great insight. We hope you have found these tips useful – you can now go out there with confidence and whisk away the Mexican girl of your dreams!

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