The Difference between California Mexicans vs Texas Mexicans

The Difference between California Mexicans vs Texas Mexicans

California and Texas are two of the big states with a considerably large Hispanic population. By all accounts, we expect there to be little difference between the two states considering they both have a similar history of being a part of Mexico.

But, that is not true. There is a big difference between the California Mexicans and Texas Mexicans and we will try to explain them in the following article.

Texas Mexicans are doing a lot better than their California counterpart in terms of living indicators. In simple words, Texas Mexicans are better off than the California Mexicans. This may sound counter-intuitive especially because of the state of California has a more proactive role in protecting their immigrant population. In contrast, Texas is known for its hostility towards illegal migrants.

Let us look at some statistical proof of the difference between the two Hispanic communities.

Unemployment among Texan Hispanics was around 6.9 percent against a national Hispanic average of 9.1 percent. This is significant because the overall national unemployment rate was at 7.4 which mean Hispanics in Texas have a better chance of getting a job than an average person in the whole of US.

Coming to California’s numbers, Hispanics there have a 10.2 percent unemployment rate. Apart from this statistic, Californian Mexicans fared worse than the national average on all key parameters.

While Texan Mexicans are more entrepreneurial, the Hispanics in California were more prone to searching for jobs. Many believe this is because Texas has low-income jobs, lax regulation and a small government.

Research reveals that 57 percent of Texan Mexicans own businesses while only 45 percent of California Mexicans are entrepreneurial.

The low regulation and low taxes in Texas has attracted a lot of businesses leading to labour demand and has even led to higher wages among the unskilled labour.

One more indicator favours Texas over California for Mexican Americans.

Texas Mexicans’ rate of children out of wedlock is 39.8 when compared with 42.6 percent of the Californians. A two-parent family is less likely to be poor when compared to a single parent family. Children raised in a household are better off than the ones raised in a single parent family.

Another interesting statistic is that 56.8 percent of Texas Mexicans are living in their own homes compared with 42.9 percent in California. This is a crucial indicator because the family is building an asset and is also a sign of their financial well-being.

Keeping aside the social stats, let us look at one human development index stat that is crucial for the future. According to the 2011 Nation’s Report Card, Texan Hispanic fourth graders were 20 points below the national average while California was 28 points down.

In almost all educational stats, Texas has done a lot better than California. The Golden State is the worst performer in most of the indicators even in education.

In many ways, the big government in the state has failed its Hispanic population.

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