Best BBQ Food Joints in San Diego

Best BBQ Food Joints in San Diego

In San Diego, if you smell smoke, just follow it and you will find a nice barbecue place. While there are hundreds of BBQ joints, do you have the time to check them all out to find the Best BBQ in town?

We decided to help you out by listing some of the best BBQ Food Joints in San Diego.


PHIL’S BBQ started in 1998 and have become the most recommended place to enjoy the well-smoked meats in San Diego. In over two decades, little has changed in this very successful franchise. Why change something when it is perfect? PHIL’s El Toro Sandwich gained national recognition. The joint is so popular that you may have to wait in line to get in. But your patience will be well rewarded when you are served the most delicious food on the planet.

  1. Brazen BBQ Smokehouse & Bar

Brazen BBQ is known for its hardwood smoked meats and for their delightful starters and sides. Plus, if you love your liquor, you can enjoy both at the same time. There are a lot of tasty items to choose from, starting from the cheesy tater tots to Texas toast, mac n cheese or even a BBQ pizza.


Executive Chef Mark Millwood spent some time in Mississippi and Louisiana and his meats prove their southern style. The Joint prepares everything from the scratch to give you a unique experience. As you walk through the door, you are welcomed by the rising smoke and aroma of the grill. Pulled pork and diced jalapenos are the most requested items on the menu. Be sure to try it in your next pit stop.


Cali Comfort is as famous as PHIL’s BBQ.  This place is known for its Kansas style cooking. If you like light or no sauce on your meats and enjoy fat dribbling over them, get over to Cali’s. Their two Ole Hickory-style smokers smoke the meat low and slow. Almost every combo plate comes with wedding beans which are considered to heavenly. So go there with an empty stomach. If you have space after your heavy meal, try the peach cobbler for dessert.


BULL’S BBQ is another example of a full experience San Diego BBQ Joint.  They coat their Beef ribs with a secret dry rub and smoked all day. They serve the customers the ribs with an In-house BBQ sauce and generous amounts of meat. They remove the bones and feed it to the dogs. The joint is super dog-friendly and they get to chew on the bones.

  1. Coop’s West Texas BBQ

If you want to eat at Coop’s West Texas BBQ, make sure you plan for an hour of wait. Everything they serve is fantastic. So you can either choose the pork spareribs or the beef brisket or even go with the jerk chicken or the pulled pork. They guarantee you will smack your lips with every bite.

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